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Sponsor A Dog

Search Dog Al

Sponsor Search Dog - Al

Breed: Labrador Cross German Shepherd

Status: Trainee Trailing Dog

Likes: Chasing balls, swimming in the sea, agility and chilling with the family.

Dislikes: Sitting at home when he could be out having fun.

Al is a rescue Labrador/German Shepherd cross who we homed when he was about … more

Search Dog Beau

Sponsor Search Dog - Beau

Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Status: Level 3 Area Search Dog

Likes: Running, boiled eggs and the great outdoors

Dislikes: Being ignored!

Beau was born in 2012 and started his Search and Rescue career in 2013. He qualified in 2015 and is now a Level 3 Area Search … more

Search Dog Bodger

Sponsor Search Dog - Bodger

Breed: Border Collie

Status: Level 2 Search Dog

Likes: Searching, agility, annoying his sister, Mist. He loves toys and treats (especially cake)!

Dislikes: Being groomed.

He loves being the centre of attention and has achieved a lot in his life so far, qualifying as a search dog, … more

Search Dog Dream

Sponsor Search Dog - Dream

Breed: Border Collie

Status: Level 1 Search Dog

Likes: Squirrel Kong and her squeaky ball

Dislikes: Coming back after a walk in the field!

Dream, along with her sister Drift, is one of our youngest trainee dogs. She loves cuddles and winding up Sirius and Mercury. She … more

Search Dog Drift

Sponsor Search Dog - Drift

Breed: Border Collie

Status: Level 1 Search Dog

Likes: Squirrel Kong and her squeaky ball

Dislikes: Sitting still!

Drift, along with her sister Dream, is one of our youngest trainee dogs. She is so excited about going out that she loves to beat everyone in … more

Search Dog Elsa

Sponsor Search Dog - Elsa

Breed: German Shepherd

Status: Level 1 Search Dog

Likes: Banana for breakfast, playing with her football and showing off her prowess to visitors. Her comfort – the bed or the sofa are her favourite places to lie. Her right front foot – it is the one she uses to … more

Search Dog Grace

Sponsor Search Dog - Grace

Breed: German Short Haired Pointer

Status: Level 1 Search Dog

Likes: Having her ears massaged, being outside hunting in woods day or night, being at the top spot on the sofa/bed

Dislikes: Bath time, having her nails clipped. That cheeky cat from next door!

Grace is a … more

Search Dog Henry

Sponsor Search Dog - Henry

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Status: Trainee Trailing Dog

Likes: Getting onto the sofa and cuddling up to you before his brother can. Tummy rubs and charging through the undergrowth looking for interesting smells. Jumping into smelly water.

Dislikes: Having to go out in the garden when it’s raining … more

Search Dog Indy

Sponsor Search Dog - Indy

Breed: Irish Red & White Setter

Status: Level 1 Search Dog

Likes: Adventures, puddles and learning tricks

Dislikes: Being bathed

Indy (sometimes called Indiana Jones) is quite a rare breed and does not fulfil the expected “loony” nature that people think Setters possess! He seems … more

Search Dog Jupiter

Sponsor Search Dog - Jupiter

Breed: Border Collie

Status: Level 2 Search Dog

Likes: His tuggy and annoying every other dog in the household.

Dislikes: Having a bath.

Jupiter is such a bubbly chap and so eager to learn. He is such a good working dog and will work for almost anyone. … more